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Skavabölen Pojat, a Feature Film by Zaida Bergroth, Drama, 119 min, 35mm, Colour, FIN/GER 2009


© Juonifilmi / Nikovantastic Film
funded by MBB & DFFF

Ger. Distribution: Farbfilm Verleih
World Sales: m-appeal Worldsales


Last Cowboy Standing is a heartfelt drama about the ups-and-downs of the Kallio family, set in Finland during the 70s and 80s. A troubled teenager is haunted by his childhood memories, trying to make sense of a series of events leading up to a tragedy.
In 1972, Rupert (8) and Evert (6) are two lovable and wildly imaginative brothers, lost in their cowboys-and-Indians fantasies and in the playground romances with the girls from their neighbourhood. In the background stand their warm but explosive and unstable mother, and their charming but unreliable father. The family has moved to a new house, the future looks bright.
Everything starts falling apart when Rupert finds a hidden letter. Terrible fights ensue and the house is filled with hushed whispers. Then mom is taken somewhere to rest for a while. Later on there is confusing talk about a new mom. The brothers make a blood oath: One can’t lie or die. Otherwise he has to pay the other a million or more for the rest of his life. Rupert tries to hold the family together, but finally things get too complicated, and real tragedy looms in the wings of playful fantasies.
In 1982, the guilt-ridden 18-year-old Rupert tries to remember and understand the events of the past amidst the chaos of the present. If he doesn’t find absolution, the family tragedy will be repeated and the blood oath will be broken.


Lauri Tilkanen, Iiro Panula, Omni Tommila, Martti Suosalo, Leea Klemola, Tommi Korpela, Elina Knihtilä



Jarkko Hentula, Nicole Gerhards, Hanneke van der Tas


Zaida Bergroth


Zaida Bergroth & Jan Forsström & Antti Raivio


Anu Keränen


Niels Pagh Andersen


Sami Kuokkanen


Alexander Hacke

Production Management

Piia Nokelainen