NiKo Film was founded in Berlin in 2005. We focus on international art-house feature projects for cinema and television. Exceptional films are our passion: stories that take us away to a different world and make us happy, if only for a moment; films bearing a distinctive signature and a unique identity.

Our films are personal and socially relevant; they represent particular attitudes while never forcing them.

Over a period of six years we have produced ten films, most of them as international co-productions where we have acted both as majority and minority partner. We consider ourselves accomplices of our writers and directors and help them realise their vision. Since its launch NiKo Film has worked with a large number of German broadcasters and film funds. NiKo Film has co-produced films with partners in various countries, including France, Switzerland, Hungary, Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Lebanon and Mexico. We have produced such films as LUMBER KINGS, THE STRANGER IN ME and KILL ME and have co-produced THE PRIZE, EVERY DAY IS A HOLIDAY and DOUBLE TAKE.

The films produced by NiKo Film have successfully taken part in Cannes, Toronto, the Berlinale and numerous other prestigious festivals where they have won numerous awards. We are currently developing further projects with production companies in France, Switzerland, Italy, Israel, Chile, Argentina and Lebanon.